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Welcome to Streetwise Driving School!

Here at Streetwise my aim is to help you become a safe, confident driver with self-awareness and consideration to others on the road.

Lessons are offered in a manual, 2014 VW High Up! It's a great small car to drive - I guarantee you'll enjoy it!

Why not try a £20 introductory lesson as a first step to gaining your full driving licence and independence? Please have a look at the other offers and information on the website.

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One hour £24
One and a half hours £35
Two hours £46
Block of 10 hours £230
Pass Plus fixed charge £130


Special Offers
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Gift vouchers -
One lesson £24, 3 lessons £70, 5 lessons £115
£20 Introductory hour lesson
£1 off hourly rate for each new person introduced
£10 discount for a block-booking of 10 hours


Pass Plus registered

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